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First and foremost, I charge flat rate fees and you don't pay me until you feel fully confident in the design and approve the direction it's going.

The process: Send me all your ideas, colors, styles you like, even other logos you have seen that you appreciate. This creates your very own inspiration board (called a mood board). Based on all this information, I will collaborate with you and I will mock up a first design(s). This is where you tell me everything you hate about it, and of course the things you like about it. (Remember constructive criticism is key! Simply saying "I don't like it" will not help you and it won't help me.) Then we repeat this step over and over until we get your design just right! After we get headed in that "just right" direction, and the tiny details are all we have left, that’s when we talk payment details. (I accept all forms of payment and payment apps).

After payment is received, I send you an email with your full scale graphics. It will include your logo in all the different format types! I pride myself on getting you what you need now, but also what you might need in the future! I label everything so you understand what each file is, and how it might be useful for you. The email will also include a digital file release and a copy of your invoice so you can use it for tax write-offs!

And finally logo is created equally so it may be difficult to estimate a completion date. It all depends on the complexity of the graphic, as well as the revisions we make together. I am working for you, and you are the boss. That being said, the average time for previous logos is around 3 days from start to finish. In some cases, it takes less than one day, and in some cases, it can take more than a week! I do pride myself on communication, but I don’t set any expectations for ANY client. Because sometimes you love something, then sleep on it and decide you want something else- I TOTALLY get that! In the end, it is YOUR brand, I am just a facilitator to make it come to life.

So if this all sounds great to you, and you decide I get to be your co-collaborator you use to brand yourself, shoot me an email and don't forget to include all your inspiration thoughts, pics, color schemes, etc. If you don't have any of these things, totally okay, I can help you build it out! I have created logos from less than a sentence before, so don't stress it!

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